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Biology made interesting

All right, so I’m taking a Biology class at a local college and, I’ve got to say, it can get very, very dull when all your talking about are kingdoms and phyla and plant features. The first professor (there are two professors, one for plants/protists and one for fungi/animals) tried to make things a little more exciting, but her idea of “exciting” was pictures of plants and bad puns (I’m very glad to meet you, I “moss” say.). The most interesting part of the class was “Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind,” the movie she showed us on her last day of teaching. I’m not saying she’s a bad teacher, its just that she didn’t exactly make the class come alive. Then again, I’ve never been all that into plants.

However, I’m glad to say that things are looking up. We got our second professor last Wednesday, a day that I was eagerly anticipating (no, really!), because I’ve had him before. He was a remarkably interesting teacher and person in general, and he always managed to capture my attention during class, regardless of how seemingly boring the subject was. Anyways, one of the ways he makes class more lively is by inserting his own witty comments and¬†anecdotes, a tradition that he began on the first day of class. He was talking about fungi and about how some of them are poisonous (deathcaps, anyone?) while others, like morels, are tasty, when, out of the blue, he said, “Interesting fact: Did you know that all mushrooms are edible?” I’m sitting at my desk thinking, “What are you talking about?! You just told us that some mushrooms are poisonous!” until he finishes his statement, “All mushrooms are edible….Once. You want to find the mushrooms that are edible¬†multiple times.” I was quite amused.



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