I am high school student at a small high school in Michigan. I don’t lead a terribly thrilling life, as I haven’t fought off ninjas or defended any villages from army ants, but it suits me well enough. My main goal in life is to somehow take difficult classes, procrastinate, and still get A’s. It’s not going so well, though. Besides school, I sing in several choirs and am an AYSO Referee. I enjoy photography, so you will probably see more than a few pictures on my blog, and I also like to travel and read, sometimes at the same time (Yes, I can read, ride in a car, and possibly chew gum at the same time!). However, the main purpose of this blog is just to post my comments about life, whether they’re about the weather, squirrels, or politics. Yes, I do have a story about squirrels. Anyways, I think that about covers it. Unless you’re a stalker.